The recycled fabric for your living dreams

Cool Tweed RE: Recycled fibers are so beautiful

I have been worn before!

Our Cool Tweed RE is a sustainable fabric because it is made from recycled yarn. This makes your ADO curtains and upholstery fabrics environmentally friendly. And you experience how beautiful and cozy sustainable living can be!

Discarded wool and knitwear
Quality fibers from high quality clothing are the basis for the recycled yarn.


Prepare and sort
Labels, zippers, seams and buttons are removed. Pre-sorting is important for homogeneous coloration.


Spinning new yarn
Recycled fibers are obtained by shredding the old textiles. They are spun into new yarn.


Voilà: recycled fabric!
recycling saves a lot of water because the products are neither dyed nor chemically treated.

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The way to recycled fabric

How does a fabric become sustainable? The ADO Cool Tweed RE is a prime example of recycled fabrics in the home. The process combines tradition and innovation.

The idea

We look for production chains and innovative solutions that have less impact on the environment. Textile recycling saves valuable resources.

Why recycled fabrics?

Fabric recycling saves our environment the energy-consuming new production. Of course, we also carry fabrics with fine natural fibers.

Curtain up for Cool Tweed RE

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With ADO thermal fabrics you save energy and money! They keep your home comfortably warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer.

Even more sustainability with ADO

Did you know that with a little care, your ADO fabrics will last much longer? Just follow our instructions for curtains and upholstery fabrics.