ADO care tips

Care of curtains and upholstery fabrics:
It's that easy

ADO offers you quality fabrics that you can enjoy for a long time. Already during production, we make sure that our products are as easy to care for as possible. Easy care for us means that our fabrics are washable and easy to handle, shrink less than 2% and are easy to iron. 
Radiantly beautiful curtains and upholstery covers all year round - that's a blessing not only for allergy sufferers.
ADO curtains and upholstery fabrics are particularly easy to care for, because you can machine wash them at 30 °C without any problems.

You can find out how easy it is here.

Laundry card

Care symbols

Normal wash cycle
Gentle wash cycle
Special wash cycle
Normal wash cycle
Gentle wash cycle
Special wash cycle
Normal wash cycle
Gentle wash cycle
Normal wash cycle
Hand wash
Do not wash

The numbers in the wash tub correspond to the maximum washing temperatures, which must not be exceeded. The bar below the wash tub calls for a (mechanically) milder treatment (gentle wash cycle). It indicates wash cycles that are suitable for easy-care and mechanically sensitive items, for example. The double bar indicates wash cycles with further minimized mechanics, e.g. for wool.

Chlorine-oxygen bleaching is permissible
Only oxygen bleach is permitted/ no chlorine bleach
Do not bleach
Hot iron
Iron moderately hot
Do not iron hot and without steam
Do not iron
Moderate hot ironing without steam
Do not iron hot without steam
iron from the back side

The dots indicate the drying levels of the regulator irons.

Tumble drying
Drying with normal thermal stress
Drying with reduced thermal stress
Tumble drying not possible

The dots indicate the drying levels of tumble dryers (tumble dryers).

Dry cleaning
Gentle cleaning
Do not dry clean

ADO curtains and drapes wash

1. preparation

All care instructions for your ADO curtain can be found on the sewn-in label. In the laundry card you can see the explanation of the care symbols.

Curtain detergents contain so-called foam inhibitors, for white curtains may also contain optical brighteners.

2. before washing

Remove your ADO curtains just before washing to avoid wrinkles. Remove all plugs, gliders, rollers and weighting rods or tie off the top if plastic parts are sewn in. Roughly shake out the dust.

3. off into the machine

Wash your curtain separately and not with other laundry items. Fill the machine only to one third and select a gentle wash program without spinning and drying.

4. hand wash for the very delicate

Soak particularly delicate fabrics in lukewarm water in the bathtub. After 15 minutes, gently swish them around and then squeeze them out. Rinse with plenty of clean water.

5. air dry

Hang your ADO curtain damp and arrange the drape. You can remove wrinkles with an iron on the still damp curtain. But first test on an inconspicuous spot!

Fabrics with natural fiber content

Natural fibers are in vogue. Understandable, because they bring a particularly pleasant atmosphere into the rooms. ADO fabrics with a high proportion of natural fibers are also easy to care for and easy to handle. Just note that they tend to shrink. Therefore, it is better to wash natural textiles before processing.

Synthetic materials and microplastics

To ensure that as little microplastic as possible gets into the water when washing synthetic textiles, we recommend a rather short wash cycle at low speed. Special wash bags effectively reduce fiber breakage and retain loosened fibers. This way, you can care for your curtains with a doubly clear conscience.

Allergy sufferers breathe a sigh of relief

Regular washing removes pathogens such as pollen or mites, which would otherwise permanently irritate the organism. Regular curtain and upholstery care is an important health measure.

Clean ADO cover fabrics

1. suction

Vacuum your upholstery fabrics regularly with the upholstery nozzle of your vacuum cleaner. This will remove house dust, crumbs and other everyday dry dirt. Pay attention to the edges and reinforcements.

2. mild detergent

Wipe your upholstery every 2 months with a slightly damp cloth. Use a solution of water and a little mild detergent. Wring out the cloth well and rub only with gentle movements over the fabric.

3. drying

Treat with clean water to remove any soap residue. Moderate the moisture. Both the upholstery fabric and the upholstery underneath must be completely dry before you use your furniture again.

Even more tips

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